How Secure is the Internet?

Oftentimes we wonder how secure the internet, a certain website, or a platform is and how much privacy does one have while they are on the internet. It may seem like next to none because of how easy it is to get access to information.

However, some sites protect themselves from hackers and what not to ensure that the user has a safe experience while they utilize the site. Let’s take the example of WhatsApp, a chatting application that allows you to use your mobile number to send text and make audio and video calls.

You may have noticed a message saying all chats are secured through end-to-encryption. The meaning of the message in the yellow box is that whatever you talk about with a person is only available for them and you to see, and no one else has access to it.

Similarly, other sites also take such measures to ensure that whatever the users do on the site or application, is kept private.

Private Security 

When it comes to private security like how secure your phone and computer are, their software can be downloaded to ensure that your devices remain safe.

Usually, people make the mistake of using unsecured websites on their devices which leads hackers to get their information thus making it easy to hack.

Business Security 

Most businesses also ensure that their sites are safe to use so that the user’s details do not become vulnerable to hackers.

There are identification processes if there are log-in details on the website that makes it much safer.

Meeting People Online 

Many people are afraid to make online friends because they believe that it is unsafe. It may be true to some extent, however, if you use secure sites that provide safe chatting to their sites, you can have a great experience and make loads of amazing friends.

Many people have had great experiences making friends online, and they continue to use those sites.

The Importance of Meeting People Online 

You can find different types of people online who may be similar to you and may even like and dislike the same things as you. It is a great way to meet new people from all around the world and spark new friendships.

Covid-19 made it extremely difficult to stay in touch with them and see them but now you can meet, chat, and video call with people on the internet whether they are strangers or you know them already.


The internet is not as scary as it may seem sometimes. You must take the necessary precautions, and you can have the best experience meeting new people and having a support system when you are feeling down.

Internet friends are like no other people in your life. You may have not met in person but the bond you share with them is better than most people you have in your life. It is truly something no one should miss out on in their life.