Making Friends as an Introvert

As an introvert, it is difficult to socialize. Many find it easy to interact with people online, therefore they make friends much more easily on the internet. In the past few years, online friendships have gained popularity as it enables like-minded people to find each other and spark a friendship.

Chatting with people online may seem intimidating because the person is a stranger, and you know nothing about them, however, it is not as unsafe as it may seem. Many websites on the internet take the necessary steps to ensure that people have a safe and fun experience.

Why Should You Sign up For Online Chatting?

There are many advantages to signing up for online chatting with strangers. The first and the most important advantage is that there is almost no pressure. You can chat with someone, and if you do not like them, you can end the conversation. It is hard avoiding someone in person but much easier online.

Another advantage of chatting with people online is the exposure you get through the experience. You meet all sorts of people and learn so much about a multitude of topics such as culture, interests, religion, politics, and so much more. 

Online friendship is usually based on the bond that two or more people build, and it gives you the discretion to choose who you share your life with, at a pace of your comfort, and whenever you like.

One of the most common advantages of chatting and making friends online is that it boosts your confidence. People with similar mindsets, interests, and lifestyles often click well.

A good friendship can impact you positively that includes being more confident about yourself. Sometimes, friends push you to get you out of your comfort zone, in a good way of course and that leads to impactful changes in your life.

Sharing both good and bad things about your life is something every human craves. Having someone who listens to you when you talk about things that matter to you, having someone who you can count on gives you strength and courage to face problems, and that can come from a friend you made online!

Video Chatting, The Next Step

Once you have gotten comfortable with an online friend, you may want to give video calling a chance. When you make an online friend, you are bound to feel curious about how they look, talk, and any other factors that are not apparent during texting. 

Many people like to take some time getting comfortable on chat and then move to video calling with their online friend(s).


Making online friends is not all that bad especially if you are not the best at socializing but you like meeting like-minded people with who you can have great conversations, who will help you grow immensely, and who will support you in your good, and bad times. 

If they happen to live close to you or in the same city, you can even get together in person and do things you and your friend(s) enjoy.