Video Chatting in Covid-19 Times

Covid-19 made everyone’s life difficult as it was not safe to go outside which mentally allowed people to spend time apart from family and friends. These tough times lead people to time to video chat with loved ones and even strangers they met online.

It is one of the best ways to stay in touch without having to leave your place and have something to do during your day. Many people suffered from declining mental health which led them to feel isolated. Online video chatting is what makes a lot of people feel better and look forward to that day as they would have something to do.

Why should we make friends online?

Online friendships are one of the best ones a person could have as it is a bond built on the common things that more people like. During the time of Quarantine when everyone was starting at home and did nothing to do, many people joined online chatting sites which helped them not only spend their day but they were feeling productive too.

One of the main reasons for feeling this way was because of supportive friends online who encourage them to do something with their day instead of spending time watching Netflix or sleeping.

Another reason why you should make online friends is that socializing is a human need. Without it, people would feel isolated and depressed. Online chatting is one way you can have contact with other people without having to leave your house.

One more reason why you should chat and video call with new people online is because it gives you exposure. It helps you learn about different lifestyles, cultures, religions, and that broadens your perspective towards life. It also makes you curious about things thus directing you towards acquiring more knowledge.

What can you do on a video call?

There are many you can do on a video call. You can talk to people through it, you can even sit in silence if that is what you prefer, you can paint, read and listen to music too. There are people who make study groups with people online to study together and ace their exams.

You can also watch a movie while your video calls with someone which could be a great idea to spend a free day when you do not have work. Quarantining is hard and if you caught Covid, there are only so many things you can do as you feel sick and tired.


Times are tough and every person is looking for a support system. For this reason, video calling your family and friends is a great idea or if you want to meet new people, you can video call someone on the internet too.

It may not be the same as being there in person with the individual, however, it is pretty close as you can see, hear and talk to the person.